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I created 18 playlist focussing on 5 main playlists/genres -> Hiphop, Rap, house, lo-fi and Indie, all of them have 200-300 monthly listeners per song. If I feel a vibe I'll share my audience ✌️❤️

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Our Top Playlists

Rap Collection 🙅‍♂️

Happy Indie

Best Hiphop collection🔥

Groovy HOUSE - Summer tunes

🧉LO-FI ~ chill & relax 🌴

Background vibes🤌

I need a Roadtrip🤠

time to party !

Afterglow 2.0

This is Rock 🤘

DnB - skank / jump-up

Sleepy lo-fi 😴

Dose of happiness 🧪

collection - new playlists in the m

Techno Tunes 🔥

Latin music

Psytrance & tripy tunes

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