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Gobi Desert Collective

We have over 500k followers. Most of our income is invested straight back into playlist ads. Our genres range from electronic music to indie & reggae.

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Burning Man 2024 - Desert House - O

Middle Eastern Electronics

Melodic Escapism

Deep Atmospheric Techno

Reggae Vibes

Indie Flow

Oriental Journey

Sunset Deep House

Slow Guitars

Slow & Chill House

Lofi & Chill

Tulum 2024 - Organic House - Ethnic

Ethnic Downtempo

Drum & Bass Rampage 2024

Ethnic & Organic Grooves

Tech House Experience

Gobi Desert Collective Collection

Electronic Feelings

Dreamy House

Electrónica Amazónica

Everything Indie

Atmospheric & Moody Indie

Liquid & Melodic DnB

Feelings of Future Bass

Electronic Universe

Floating Away into the Emptiness of

Guitar House Music

Blues Calling

Feelin' Good

Trip over the Hop

Moments of Intimacy

Club Cuba

Psytrance Cosmos

Gobi's Genreless Top 50

Indie Folk Field Trip

Our Favorite Submissions

Electro Swingin'

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