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Gobi Desert Collective

We have over 350k followers. Most of our income is invested straight back into playlist ads. Our genres range from electronic music to indie & reggae.

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Top Playlists

Burning Man 2024 - Desert House - O

Middle Eastern Electronics

Melodic Escapism

Deep Atmospheric Techno

Reggae Vibes

Indie Flow

Oriental Journey

Sunset Deep House

Slow Guitars

Slow & Chill House

Tulum 2024 - Organic House - Ethnic

Lofi & Chill

Ethnic & Organic Grooves

Ethnic Downtempo

In The Dark

Tech House Experience

Electronic Feelings

Gobi Desert Collective Collection

Dreamy House

Atmospheric & Moody Indie

Everything Indie

Electrónica Amazónica

Feelings of Future Bass

Electronic Universe

Floating Away into the Emptiness of

Guitar House Music

Blues Calling

Feelin' Good

Reggae Hits - Old & New

Moments of Intimacy

Trip over the Hop

Club Cuba

Liquid & Melodic DnB

Psytrance Cosmos

Indie Folk Field Trip

Gobi's Genreless Top 50

Our Favorite Submissions

Electro Swingin'

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