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We primarily welcome "easy listening" beats in our Lofi, Chillhop, and Chill Beats playlists. Each of our playlists has its own unique mood. We categorically refuse tracks containing vocal samples/chops, as well as boombap-style tracks.

Our "Pop Songs" playlist focuses on indie pop and commercial pop. Conversely, our "Indie Pop" playlist leans more towards niche indie pop and bedroom pop.

For our PHONK playlist: We're open to most sub-genres of phonk

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Our Top Playlists

LO:FI | it's lofi time - chill, rel

Chillhop and lofi

Lofi Night

lofi hip hop


Pop Songs


Peaceful Lofi | relax lofi, cozy mu

Lofi Jazz | Jazzy beats/jazzy lo-fi


Aesthetic Rap


Indie Pop


Japanese Lofi ⛩️ Japan Lo-Fi Beats

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