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As a top curator in the alternative music scene, we're always on the hunt for new and exciting sounds. Especialy folk, rock and indie submit your tracks now and join the 120k listeners in our playlists!

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Top Playlists

Infp ☁️ - The Mediator

Intj- The Architect

Infj 😌- the advocate

Wandering Melodies

Enfp 😍- The Campaigner

Infp 😈- Darker Side

Entp 😏- Debater

Intp 😎- Thinker

Enfp mood.

Enfj 😇- Protagonist

Rock -Take a walk on the wild side-

Lo-Fi >Soulfull Grooves<

Study Zone (Instrumentals)

Infp~ Off Trail

Istp 😝- Craftman

Entj 😈- Leader

Isfp 😋- Adventurer


Intj indierock

Esfj 😇- Consul

Estp 😋- Entrepreneur

Isfj 😘- Defender

Infj Alternative Nation -Mindbendin

Istj 😌- Logistician

😢&💔 Rap

Entp Gritty Grooves

Esfp- Entertainer

Enfp OFFBEAT -Alternative Pop-

Omnimusic - fresh finds

Intp Indie After Dark

Entp Existential Explorations

Enfj Heartfelt Indie Pop

Infp Feeling 🤍

Introvert Rap 🤫

Estj 🤔- Executive

Nature Walks


Made by mbti

Road Trip

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