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Mbti Music

Hey, i accept a lot of different genres as long as I think the music fits with the playlist. I mostly like Indie, Folk and sing-songwriter. I grow my playlists naturally thru Instagram adds.

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Our Top Playlists

Infp ☁️ - The Mediator

Intj- The Architect

Infj 😌- the advocate

Wandering Melodies

Enfp 😍- The Campaigner

Infp 😈- Darker Side

Entp 😏- Debater

Intp 😎- Thinker

Enfp mood.

Enfj 😇- Protagonist

Intj/Entp Rock

Lo-Fi >Soulfull Grooves<

Study Zone (Instrumentals)

Istp 🎸- Virtuoso

Infp~ Off Trail

Entj 😈- Leader

Isfp 😋- Adventurer

Estp 😋- Entrepreneur


😢&💔 Rap

Intj indierock

Esfj 😇- Consul

Isfj 😘- Defender

Infj Alternative Nation -Mindbendin

Istj 😌- Logistician

Entp Gritty Grooves

Esfp🍑- Entertainer

Enfp OFFBEAT -Alternative Pop-

Indie After Dark

Omnimusic - fresh finds

Entp Existential Explorations

Infp Feeling 🤍

Enfj Heartfelt Indie Pop

Introvert Rap 🤫

Estj 🤔- Executive

Nature Walks


Made by mbti

Road Trip

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