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Mellow Mood Playlists

Spotify playlister with the goal of helping artists get discovered and reach their dreams. Currently curating 5 playlists:

1: 'Relax & Chill' (Nujazz, Triphop, Neo-soul, Surf Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Dub, ...)

2: 'On the road' (Classic Rock, Country/Americana, Funk, Surf Rock, Psychedelic Rock,...)

3: 'Relaxing Indie' (Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Indie Pop, Soft Rock)

4: 'Lofi & Chillhop' (Lofi hip-hop, Chillhop, Jazzhop, Hip-hop instrumentals)

5: '(Neo)Classical' (Neo-classical, Classical, ..)

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Our Top Playlists

On The Road

Relax & Chill

Lofi & Chillhop

(Neo) Classical

Relaxing Indie

Hip Hop Flows

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