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Mood Sculptor Playlists

On a mission to help out independent and upcoming artists! I'm curating the following 5 playlists:

1) Soulful Mood (Alternative / Indie R&B / Neo-Soul / Contemporary R&B)

2) Mellow Mood (Neo-Soul / Downtempo / Surf Rock / Nu Jazz / Jazztronica / Jazz)

3) Lofi Mood (Study beats / Jazzhop / Chillhop / hiphop instrumentals)

4) Hip hop Mood (Conscious Hiphop, Oldschool Hip Hop / Boombap / Rap / Alternative Hip hop)

5) Slow Mood (Adult contemporary / Singer songwriter / (Indie) Folk, Soft Rock)

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Our Top Playlists

Mellow Mood

Lofi Mood

Easy Listening Mood

Soulful Mood

Roadtrip Mood

Hip hop Mood

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