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Sinusoidal Music

We curate Folk/Pop/Hip-hop/Rock/Instrumentals - We run Facebook Ad marketing which helps the playlists with their growth and listeners, we have close to 30k followers totally on Spotify.

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Our Top Playlists

Healing with Nature | Mild Ambient

From Crush to Commitment: Pop's Emo

Shadows and Echoes: The Emotive Edg

Folk Nostalgia: Melancholic Indie-F

Asylum Archives: Into the Labyrinth

Hip-Hop and Rap's Heavyweights: A P

Serenity Sessions: Lo-Fi Study beat

Sinusoidal's Pop Monthly Mix

Indie Alchemy: The Ultimate Indie P

This Goes TikTok

Sinusoidal's Rock Monthly Mix

Sinusoidal's Weekly

Coding is life | Relaxing coding mu

Vibes of FuturePast

Jazz is life | Classy & groovy Jazz

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