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Sound Surfer Playlists

Spotify playlister on a mission to help out independent music artists and provide a platform to increase your reach! Currently curating 6 playlists:

1) Hip hop heads (boombap, conscious hiphop, UK rap, ...)

2) Radiating Rock (classic rock, alternative rock, psychedelic rock, ...)

3) Laid-back Lofi (Lofi hip hop, chillhop, jazzhop, study beats)

4) Soulful Sounds (R&B, Neo-Soul, Soul)

5) Easy Listening (Adult contemporary, Singer songwriter, Acoustic, Indie folk, Soft rock, Folk)

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Our Top Playlists

Hiphop heads

Radiating Rock

Laid-Back Lofi

Easy Listening

Harmonic House

Soulful Sounds

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