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Changelog: Chat & Playlist Analytics

We added DMs with curators, chatrooms, and group chats, as well as Playlist Analytics when creating new submissions.

These two features were on my initial to-do list when I created SubmitLink, but given their surprising complexity, they took a back seat... until now!


Chat with artists and curators in chat rooms, communicate directly with curators, and more!

Direct Messages

Curators have the option to open a chat with you while they review your submission.

Chat Rooms
Group Chats
Your Notes

Playlist Analytics

A breakdown of the quality of a playlist based on historical data, submission habits, and other internal data.

We make digestible interpretations from this data and provide you with our "quality insights".

Since we just rolled out this feature, our tracking is limited to about a week ago. Over time this will get more accurate.

The data we use for Playlist Analytics is kindly provided by artist.tool's API.

Where can I find Playlist Analytics?

When creating a submission, every playlist now has a "View Analysis" button. Clicking that will pull up detailed statistics on a playlist.

Acceptance Trend
Historical Graph
Curator Insights

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