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Why is SubmitLink the best SubmitHub alternative?



$1-4 per Playlist

$1-4 per Playlist


Artist Bot Checker

Guaranteed Response

Simple & Easy


SubmitLink is a SubmitHub alternative that offers more active playlists, a simpler interface, and bot detection tools for artists at the same cost.

Try SubmitLink at no cost risk-free!

SubmitHub Alternative

Best SubmitHub Alternative 2024

Using bot detection technology from

SubmitHub vs. SubmitLink

Both SubmitHub and SubmitLink offer music submission services for independent artists seeking exposure playlists. Here's a breakdown of their key features to help you decide.

Curator Network:

  • SubmitHub: Boasts a vast network of bloggers, radio stations, and playlisters, offering broad exposure potential.

  • SubmitLink: Focuses on curators with active playlists, potentially increasing your chances of playlist placements.

Targeting & Filtering:

  • SubmitHub: Offers transparency with details like curator approval history, allowing for targeted submissions. However, filtering out irrelevant contacts can be cumbersome.

  • SubmitLink: May have a smaller overall network, but the focus on active playlists streamlines targeting.

Interface & User Experience:

  • SubmitHub: The interface can be cluttered and overwhelming for new users.

  • SubmitLink: Features a clean and intuitive interface, making navigation and campaign management easier.


  • Both Platforms: Pricing structures are generally similar.

Additional Considerations:

  • SubmitHub: Might be advantageous if blog coverage and a wider net for exposure are priorities.

  • SubmitLink: May be a better fit if active playlist placements and a user-friendly experience are crucial.

Carefully weigh your goals. If a massive network and diverse selection of blogs, radios, and playlists are key, SubmitHub might better suit your goals. If active playlists and a streamlined workflow are priorities, SubmitLink could be a better choice. Consider trying out both platforms for limited trials (if offered) to see which best suits your needs.

Get started by searching for your song at the top of the page, or by clicking here.

💡 Curators in every genre use SubmitLink to discover new music. 

Pick a song to submit to playlists

Step 1


Filter hundreds of playlists based on your genre, mood, and marketing goals, or let our AI assistant pick the best playlists for you.

🤖 AI Campaign (easy)

Our AI takes the guesswork out of playlist submissions. It picks the best playlists based on genre, listener activity, likelihood of approval, and many other factors.

⚙️ Manual Campaign (advanced)

Filter from hundreds of playlists. Lots of data, follower graphs, historical data, listener data, audio profiles, and more.

🤗 Free Manual Campaign (advanced)

Identical to a Manual Campaign, except you can submit to Spotify playlists for free! Results are not guaranteed, but it's worth a shot! Ever heard of the lottery?

Select Campaign Mode

Step 2


Your campaign is over! Get a full overview of who shared your song, who just reviewed, or who refunded.

Any budget allocated to curators that don't respond within 7 days is automatically refunded when your campaign is complete.

Review Your Results

Build relationships with curators who shared

Review feedback from curators who passed

Land impactful playlist placements

Trigger the Spotify algorithm

Drive long-term growth

Fast & Easy

You will begin to receive responses from curators at launch until your 7-day campaign is over.

🔄 If a curator fails to respond in 7 days, you'll be refunded for the cost of your campaign that went to their playlists.

You receive curator responses

Step 4

We deliver your submission to your targeted group of real playlist curators for playlist consideration.

✅ Within 7 days, every curator will fully listen, consider, and review your song, or your money back guaranteed.

❌ This is not a guaranteed placement. Curators can share or decline music at their discretion. If they fail to reply entirely, you get refunded.

Your song is sent to curators

Step 3


Trusted by thousands of artists and hundreds of verified curators

See why industry pros trust SubmitLink for music promotion

Feedback from Artists & Curators

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Meet our favorite curators

Only heavily vetted, bot-free, policy-compliant curators

500+ Policy-Compliant Curators Use SubmitLink

Artist? Submit Your Music to Playlists

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Connect with playlist curators instantly

Measure and maximize your impact

Trigger the Spotify algorithm

Drive long-term music promotion results

Learn how to get your music on Spotify playlists with our easy submission process and extensive network of playlist curators.

SubmitLink was developed as a curator-tailored replacement for bio-links. Along the way, it morphed into a platform that helps artists run safe and transparent playlisting campaigns in an industry otherwise rich with fraudsters.

The goal is to keep providing new revenue opportunities for playlist curators while helping artists land successful playlist placements with the curators that make a difference.

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