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What is a Spotify Pie Chart?

Forget static charts and endless spreadsheets. With Spotify Pie Charts, you gain a vibrant and interactive experience. Imagine a captivating pie chart, each colorful slice representing a genre that has captivated your ears. Hover over a slice, and the chart reveals the top artists that reign supreme within that particular genre. It's a visual journey that unveils your musical DNA, showcasing the unique blend of sounds that resonate most with you.

How Do I Create My Own Spotify Pie Chart?

Creating your own Spotify Pie Chart is surprisingly easy! Here's how:

  1. Head over to This website, created by a California-based student, allows you to visualize your listening stats with a beautiful and informative pie chart.

  2. Click on "Login with Spotify" and grant the website access to your listening data. Don't worry, the website only requests read-only permissions.

  3. Once logged in, you'll be redirected back to the website, where your personalized Spotify Pie Chart will be waiting!

Beyond the Pie Chart

Spotify Listening Statistics offer more than just a pretty pie chart. Delve deeper and discover:

  • Top Artists: See which artists have consistently graced your playlists, revealing your true musical heroes.

  • Hidden Gems: Unearth those lesser-known artists who have snuck into your regular rotation, reminding you of those unexpected sonic discoveries.

  • Genre Evolution: Trace your musical journey over time. Have you always been a die-hard rock fan, or have you recently ventured into the world of electronic music? The data tells the tale.

Where to Find Your Spotify Listening Statistics

There are a few different ways to access your Spotify Listening Statistics, but creating a Spotify Pie Chart through the website linked above is a popular and user-friendly option.

Unlocking the Power of Your Music Data

Spotify Listening Statistics provide a fascinating glimpse into your musical world. By exploring these insights, you can:

  • Gain a Deeper Appreciation for Your Tastes: Understanding your listening habits can help you appreciate your personal music preferences on a deeper level.

  • Discover New Music: The data might reveal genres or artists you haven't explored yet, opening doors to exciting sonic adventures.

  • Connect with Other Music Lovers: Share your statistics and spark conversations, fostering a sense of community with fellow music enthusiasts.

So, dive into your Spotify Listening Statistics and embark on a journey of musical self-discovery. You might be surprised by the vibrant sonic landscape that your data paints.

The Spotify Pie Chart visualizes your Spotify listening statistics and consumption in a visually stunning pie chart.

Get a breakdown of every genre in your listening history!

Your Spotify Listening - Visualized!

Spotify Pie Chart

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