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Get compensated for your time by listening and reviewing music from artists. You have total freedom in declining or accepting the track, you decide if it's a good fit for your list.

Monetize Your Playlists

We've earned bot-free playlist curators $108,816.

Using bot detection technology from

Replace your LinkTree with a Bio-Link made for curators. Earn between $1-$15 for every submission + 20% of an artist's spend on our site.

✅ One-Click Submission Flow designed to convert artists into submitters with as little friction as possible.

✅ Showcase Playlists with bot-free verification badges, listener data, growth graphs, and more.

✅ Analytics Suite so you know who's submitting, who's not, and where your traffic is coming from.

✅ Fully Customizable for a fully tailored, brand-driven submission experience with no SubmitLink branding.

Generate Money From Your Bio

LinkTree / BioLinks for Curators


Like other submission platforms, we have a campaign program. Apply to receive campaign submissions to earn up to $1.5/playlist an artist targets in a campaign.

For example: If an artist selects 10 playlists in a campaign (4 are yours), you earn $1.5 * 4 = $6!

Generate Money From Our Artists

Campaign Program


Connect and network with 500+ other curators using SubmitLink to grow and monetize their brand.


📈 Learn growth strategies from other curators.


🏗️ Submit feature requests that we actually add.


🤝 Trade with other playlist curators from our community.

You have a say in how SubmitLink grows and transforms.

Curator Community

Network With Curators

We track your playlist growth to offer listener estimates and insights on how to grow your brand. Think of it like a free Chartmetric for curators.

✅ Spotify Search Insights so you can monitor your growth on important keywords related to your playlist.

✅ Acceptance Behavior to know what playlists you've shared to, how long a song has been in there, and roughly how many streams you've delivered an artist.

✅ Account Analytics provide insight into who's viewing your profile, how often they convert into submitters, and what you can do to improve conversions.

Advanced Playlist Data

Optimize Your Growth


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500+ curators use SubmitLink every day to generate income from their playlists.

See our top performing curators

Join 500+ Curators Using SubmitLink

Trusted by thousands of artists and hundreds of verified curators

See why artists trust SubmitLink for music promotion

Feedback from Artists & Curators

Artist? Submit Your Music to Playlists

Spotify Playlist Promotion

Connect with playlist curators instantly

Measure and maximize your impact

Trigger the Spotify algorithm

Drive long-term music promotion results

Learn how to get your music on Spotify playlists with our easy submission process and extensive network of playlist curators.

List of curators

SubmitLink was developed as a curator-tailored replacement for bio-links. Along the way, it morphed into a platform that helps artists run safe and transparent playlisting campaigns in an industry otherwise rich with fraudsters.

The goal is to keep providing new revenue opportunities for playlist curators while helping artists land successful playlist placements with the curators that make a difference.

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